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Sensitive, culturally appropriate women’s health care is a hallmark of T.H.E.  We have been providing quality care to women of all ages since we opened our doors in 1974. Our complete OB/GYN services include reproductive health, gynecological care, prenatal and post-natal care, family planning and STI screening/treatment delivered confidentially. 

We also support mothers-to-be by providing the most current education and resources through our Perinatal Education Program and making sure you can be the best possible parent to your baby.

We offer many services: California medical center, health and wellness centers, the medical clinic, the dental clinic, the walk in clinic, Learn to Stop Smoking, Free Lung Screenings and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a pregnant person have a doula?
Evidence shows that continuous support con decrease the risk of cesarean, the use of medications for pain relief. Lobar support also increases breastfeeding initiation/retention rates; satisfaction with the birth experience; and the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Continuous support may also shorten labor and decrease the use of pitocin.

Why is this program for Black/ African American pregnant persons?
Access to continuous labor support from a doula is especially vital for birthing people of color. Black women experience higher rates of poor birth outcomes, including higher rotes of Cesarean, preterm birth, law birth weight, and infant death {Thomas et al., 2017 ). The AA/MM Initiative is focused an decreasing Black infant and maternal deaths 30% by 2023.

Are doulas the same as midwives?
A birth daula is a companion who supports a birthing person during labor and birth. Birth doulas are trained to provide continuous, one-an-one core, as well as information, physical support, and emotional support to birthing persons and their partners. Dou/as are not medical professionals. They do not: perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or fetal heart monitoring; give medical advice or diagnosis conditions; make decisions for the client (medical or otherwise); pressure the birthing person into certain choices just because that is what they prefer; take over the role of the partner, support person, or family member; catch the baby; or change shifts {although some doulas may call in their back up after several, hours of continuous lobar).

How can I refer someone?
To make a referral please contact program staff at AAIMMDoulas@ph.lacounty.qav or by phone at (213) 639-6448. Please include client name, phone number, zip code, and estimated due date (EDD). The AA/MM Dou/a Program offers free daula support ta for those who meet the fallowing eligibility criteria: 18 or older (or foster youth), pregnant person, self-identifying as Black/African American and live in Las Angeles County.

I’m pregnant. How can I get a doula?
Self-referrals are accepted. Please contact program staff at or by phone at (213) 639-6448. Please include your name, phone number, zip code, and estimated due date (EDD). The AA/MM Dou/a Program offers free doula support to for those that meet the fallowing eligibility criteria: 18 or alder (or foster youth), pregnant person, self-identifying as Black/ African American and live in Los Angeles County.

Do I get to choose my own doula?
Clients are assigned an AA/MM daula by program staff. Geographic location, daula availability, and/or client needs are factors ta assist program staff in client assignments. Clients do have an option to request a doula. Program Staff will do their best to accommodate a client request, but cannot guarantee specific requests.

I want to be an AAIMM Doula, what do I do?
The AA/MM Dau/a cohort is currently full. We are not currently accepting applications.

How can I participate in the trainings offered by the AAIMM Doula Program?
Get involved! Join one of the AA/MM Community Action Teams (CAT) or our Dau/a Advisory Committee listservs. The AA/MM CA Ts and Advisory Committee receive and share information across the AA/MM network on trainings and other opportunities available to community residents. Our AA/MM CA Ts located in Antelope, San Fernando, and San Gabriel Valleys, as well as South LA/South Bay. Training slots are limited and involvement in CAT/Committee does not guarantee a space. Please contact: Adjoa Jones (CA Ts) and Nakeisha Perkins-Robinson (Dou/a Advisory Committee) to be added to each group.

Can pregnant teens participate/receive a doula?
The AA/MM Dou/a Program is able to offer support to pregnant individuals 18 or older. Pregnant foster youth can be referred and receive AA/MM doula services an a case by case basis. Pregnant foster youth must meet eligibility criteria of self-identifying as Black/African American, pregnant, and reside in one of the geographic regions of the program. If teen does not meet program eligibility, program staff will do their best ta locate and/or refer. Please contact program staff directly to make referral.

When are postpartum visits scheduled?
Clients receive 3 postpartum visits. These visits occur within 1 week postpartum, 2 weeks postpartum, and 6 weeks postpartum. Dou/as are also available ta support clients outside of scheduled appointments {phone, text, etc.)

What is the time frame when clients finish program?
Clients exit the program after the completion of their third postpartum visit. The AA/MM Dou/a program is voluntary, therefore clients may also exit the program at any time.

Can moms in DCFS be referred?
Yes. Clients with Department of Children and Family Services involvement may be referred for doula services an a case by case basis. Please contact
program staff directly to make referral.

How many clients can each doula have on their caseload?
Dou/as carry a caseload of 2 births per month.

Is a doula a mandated reporter?
Within the doula scope of work, doulas are not mandated reporters.
Can participants be enrolled in multiple programs (e.g. Black Infant Health (BIH); Nurse Family Partnership (NFP); Welcome Ba by, etc.)?
Clients participating in programs such as BIH, NFP, or Welcome Baby can absolutely receive AA/MM doula services, if eligible.

I am not eligible for AAIMM, can I still get a doula?
Pregnant individuals who do not identify as Black/African American are not eligible to participate in the AAIMM Dou/a Program, but there are other programs that provide free or /ow-cost dou/a support:

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