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THE (To Help Everyone) is ready to provide # Health4AllKids known as the expansion of Medi-Cal for undocumented children. For more information and assistance in registering your child, call us at 323-730- 1920. Under this new law, children under the age of 19 qualify for full Medi-Cal regardless of immigration status, as long as they qualify with the low resource requirements.

The benefits include:

  • Medical care
  • Vision Test
  • Dental care
  • Treatment for the use of substances
  • Mental Health Services available under Medi-Cal.
  • Your information is confidential – Any personal information you provide to enroll your children in restricted or complete Medi-Cal is strictly confidential. It will never be shared with immigration enforcement and control services. Many families with mixed immigration status are concerned that signing up for health coverage may negatively affect their immigration applications. Unless you apply for long-term care, enrolling or enrolling your children to obtain health coverage does not constitute a “public charge” that may affect your immigration status.

    To learn more about this program visit the link: Health4All-Ninos

    For personal help when registering, call (323) 730-1920 .
    We are here to help everyone.
    Your information is private and confidential.