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A Guide to Accessing Your Online T.H.E. Health Class

At T.H.E., we’re committed to help everyone come together safely to learn healthier habits. Here’s an easy guide to learn how to attend your online T.H.E. health class on Zoom.

Before Class:

  1. Download Zoom on your computer, tablet, or smartphone:

Download on App Store here.

Download on Google Play store here.

Download on your computer (click on the first link, “Zoom Client for Meetings”) here.

  1. Your facilitator will have e-mailed or texted you a link. In the e-mail or text, click on the link under “Join Zoom Meeting.” The link will automatically open the Zoom application. Sometimes it takes a minute to launch – you have done everything correctly and may need to wait.
  2. Zoom will prompt you to enter a passcode. In the e-mail or text from your facilitator, find the passcode.
  3. Click the blue button, “Join with Video.”
  4. Wait for your facilitator to move you from the virtual waiting room to the classroom.
  5. Click the blue button, “Join with [your device’s] audio.”
  6. After you are admitted to the classroom, note that the mute and camera buttons are located on the bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom screen. Click these buttons when you want to be seen (or not) or heard (or not).
  7. You’re ready to start learning with T.H.E.! Happy learning!

Zoom Etiquette:

  1. Click “Mute” when you are not speaking.
  2. Click “Unmute” when you wish to speak. To avoid a lot of distracting background sound, it can help to use headphones.
  3. Treat your health class as if the class were in-person:  Make sure you are in an appropriate mental learning state, set up your “classroom” in a quiet space, and put aside all distractions.


  1. What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows us to create a virtual classroom. You’ll be able to see and interact with your facilitator and classmates in real-time!

  1. Do I need a Zoom account?

No, simply click on the link that your facilitator send you.

  1. Can I see a video example of how to use Zoom?

Yes! Click here to watch an example using a laptop or click here to watch an example using a smartphone or tablet.

For Spanish speakers: Yes! Click here to watch an example using a laptop or click here to watch an example using a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Do I have to talk?

If you would like to write a note (instead of speaking), please go to the chat box located at the bottom center. Click “Chat” to type your note. The default recipient is “Everyone,” or everyone in the class. If you would like to chat directly with your facilitator, click on the “To:” box and change it to your facilitator’s name.

If you would like to send a reaction, click on “Reactions” in the right-hand side of the bottom toolbar. You can choose from different reactions: clapping, thumbs up, heart, etc.

  1. Can I see everyone in the class at once?

Yes, at the top right hand corner on a laptop, you can toggle between “Speaker view” and “Gallery view.”

  1. Ah, Zoom is not working! Who can help me?

If you are having trouble, please call 323-819-2792 for help in English or call 213-300-6636 for help in Spanish, and T.H.E. can personally guide you to attending your first class on Zoom!