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In 1974, a vision was born in the heart of South Los Angeles, a vision that sought to provide equitable and culturally sensitive healthcare to those in need. This vision took shape as To Help Every Woman Clinic, a beacon of hope and care that opened its doors as a free, walk-in clinic. Its founding principle was revolutionary yet simple: to treat women as equal partners in their healthcare journey, offering a listening ear and respect in every interaction.

T.H.E.’s early days were characterized by an unwavering commitment to understanding the unique health needs of women in the community. This approach not only set a new standard for patient care but also fostered a deep sense of trust among the women we served. T.H.E.’s reputation grew, as did the breadth of its services.

As the years passed, T.H.E. evolved in response to the changing needs of the community. Recognizing that health and wellness are family matters, the clinic expanded its services to include care for children and men. This expansion was more than just a broadening of services; it was a reflection of a holistic approach to community health. With this inclusive vision, To Help Every Woman Clinic transformed into To Help Everyone (T.H.E.) Health and Wellness Centers.

Today, T.H.E. Health and Wellness Centers stand as a testament to the power of community-focused healthcare. Offering dozens of important services under one roof, T.H.E. continues adapting to the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. From primary care to mental health services, from dental care to community outreach, T.H.E. continues to serve as a vital resource for the South Los Angeles community and beyond.

This anniversary is a time to reflect on milestones while also looking forward to recommit to the principles of equity, respect, and compassion that have guided T.H.E. since its inception.

As we commemorate this golden anniversary, T.H.E. honors our visionary founders: Vi Verreux, Joan Alpert, Barbara Saunders, Susan Schlager, Debbi Kates, Fredda Draluck, Marilyn Stone, Dr. William E. Merritt, III, Dr. and Mrs. Nagata, and Marilyn Norwood. Their pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication in 1974 set us on a remarkable journey. Here’s to celebrating half a century of unwavering compassion and care—a legacy that we pledge to continue.